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Design Kraken
Your Digital Experience!

Based in Berlin, with activities around the world, we deliver the most empowering experience creating designs, brands and art across the digital and physical space. Further more we make consultancy an important asset when it comes to building websites or marketing materials for future businesses and also to develop older ones to new high standards. We love to discuss and to understand exactly what are your expectations and what you want to achieve in the most professional ways possible. We embrace the potential of good design to improve the future of your business. We are doing mARTketing at its finest!
Design Kraken
Our Mindset!

We've come to the conclusion that web design and online marketing are this millennium artistically approach. Like the Renaissance or Surrealism era and how they gave the world a different meaning over how we see and feel it, so the era of web design should be treated like the present and future art. Remember that art changed all the aspects of the world in any time period and for the last 2 decades, the online design changed our thinking. Probably in 50 or 100 years our children will learn in art history lessons about the web design era. That is why we felt the need to provide everyone with the best designs and marketing materials for their online 'museums' because later, much later this will be study cases. That can be achieved only by 3 major things: quality, consultancy and creative ideas for individual personal branding. In our inventory are all the tools needed for delivering trendy and stylish results! From just imagining an idea, a drawing or a color, to the logo and branding materials, heading through web and online marketing. Our consultancy provides personalized and unique solutions fitted exactly for you area of business. We create lasting impressions with our capabilities and become a trusted partner for yours and our growth.
Design Kraken
Simple as one, two, three...

With our consulting programs, we make sure we are on the same lane, fully understanding your business even if it is a new one or a rebranding to something greater. We then take it to the next level as we analyze the competitive market and give your project an edge start in design and functionality.

We arrange logos, color palettes, fonts, icons, animations, images custom made for your industry and personal goals. Then, after approval, it is time to do your needs (branding, marketing, web design).

Furthermore all the material we do are brand aligned for the best marketing results and our web design can be defined as clean, professional, responsive (working on every device and resolution) as we conduct tests on all major browsers for the highest impact possible.
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